Hyper Index 1.74

Ultra high index organic lens material for super thin lenses. Strong prescription wearers no longer have to live with thick and heavy lenses. Recommended especially for higher prescriptions.

43% thinner and 32% lighter than organic 1.50 material.

With any plus powers above +3.00, we recommend 1.74 lenses because these lenses are aspheric in design, this means the lenses are not only thinner but flatter than a standard spherical lens. This reduces magnification of your eyes to anyone who looks at you, and of course, the lenses are lighter as a result.

Hyper Index 1.60 (MR8)

The first ever released organic 1.60 material and ever since 1987 used by Asahi Lite Optical. Today only available from Asahi Lite Optical, because due to superior tintability still the best choice when tinted lenses are requested. Ideal for low to middle prescriptions.

20% thinner and 20% lighter than organic 1.50 material.

Hyper Index 1.60

The best balanced high index material with the largest share of the refractive index 1.60 lens material market. MR8 is suited to produce ophthalmic lenses of any strength and is seen as the new standard in ophthalmic lens materials.

20% thinner and 20% lighter than organic 1.50 material.

Within the high index range it is the most sold product. An excellent choice for rimless frames due to high elasticity. Ideal for low to middle prescriptions.

Hyper Index 1.67

Great material for thinner lenses with high impact resistance. A thin, all-round lens material, which offers a superior combination of clarity and comfort. Ideal high index material for rimless frames and middle to high prescriptions.

35% thinner and 30% lighter than organic 1.50 material.

Hyper Index 1.56

Lenses with a refractive index of 1.56 are considered to be very cost effective. They are 22% thinner than CR-39 lenses. They are available with aspheric technology and are not recommended for a rimless drill mount due to its weak nature.